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Google Gravity Pranks - Zero Gravity, Under Water and Many More

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Hello readers, everyone knows about Google gravity or at least everyone have heard of it. This website is especially dedicated for Google gravity tricks. We will continuously update you with the latest Google tricks and pranks. Now lets move straight to the point. What is Google gravity trick and how to access/ check those Google gravity tricks.

Google Gravity Trick

Google has lots of cool entertaining stuff for its users and Google gravity trick is one of them. However Google gravity trick has many names, some call it Google gravity, Google zero gravity, Google no gravity, Google 0 gravity and lots of them. The point is all of these names are for the same trick. So don’t be confused with the title variations.

What is Google Gravity Trick?

It’s simple. Just go by its name. All the elements on Google search page possess gravity and hence fall down to the bottom of the screen. You can see it in the image below. Well, its not a rocket science. Its just a Java script that executes the effect. Some guys even use this trick to do pranks with their friends. If you are planning to do a prank with some “non-technical” person it’s the good thing to try.

How to Check Google gravity Trick

Now lets move forward on how to check Google gravity trick. There are many methods to access Google zero gravity. The easiest one is to click on the link below and you can see the gravity trick straight away.
If you want to try Google gravity trick by yourself follow the steps below. It’s fun and easy thing to do.
  • Go to and turn off the instant results. Check the image below for better understanding.
  • Now type Google gravity in Google search box and click on I am feeling lucky. Do not click the enter button.
  • That is all. You can see Google Search page scattered all over the page. Objects flying everywhere with the click of mouse. You must get the result somewhat similar as shown in the image below.I hope you got what you were looking for. If you like Google gravity trick do share it with your friends on social network below. If you have any questions ask them in comments section. I will get back to you ASAP.

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